A Quick Craft to Decorate for the Season

I’m sure everyone has seen on social media this year or last people posting pictures of burlap wreaths that they made. There are several ways to make these, but the way I used was very easy and very quick.

There are several tutorials if you just search Pinterest, but I love video tutorials so I can watch and craft at the same time. So here is a video tutorial from Just Call Me Home Girl.


What you need
Wire Hanger
You will use a wire hanger for the base of your wreath. The hanger gives you a good-sized wreath and if you want a smaller one, you can easily cut the hanger. I used a dark colored hanger so it wouldn’t show through the burlap.

I used pliers to untwist the hanger and to shape it into a circle. You will also be using it to make the hooks to keep it together.

I used about 37.5 feet of burlap: 30 feet of brown and 7.5 feet of red (because I wanted it to be exactly a quarter of the wreath).

Whatever you want your wreath’s theme to be – get accessories pertaining to that. I wanted a wreath that could be used in the fall – not just for Halloween or Thanksgiving – so I purchased a little bag of artificial leaves, decorative acorns and some fake little barriers.

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue
I use hot glue for everything because I’m too impatient to wait for anything to dry.

What you do
First, you have to use pliers to untwist the hanger. I used them and my knee to then make the hanger circular.

Next, you put the burlap on the hanger. You put the hanger through the corner then flip the burlap over and put the hanger through the opposite side just a few inches down. The closer you put the hanger, the thicker the wreath will be, but you don’t want to put it too close together to where there are no pretty loops.You continue those steps until you put on as much burlap as you want.

If you need to cut your burlap, there is a trick to cutting it so it doesn’t fray. First you decide where you want to cut it, then you pull a thread out in that area. You are left with a gap in threads where you cut.




The next part is pretty tricky and I actually made someone else do it because I got so frustrated. Now that I know what to do, though, I could do it with some confidence. So, you make both ends of your hanger into hooks using the pliers. Then you hook them together and squeeze them shut. Super easy, I know, but as I said, I’m very impatient.

Lastly, you embellish it how you please and hang it up.

What you pay
I went to Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts and used multiple coupons in one transaction. You can find all kinds of coupons through text, email, the Jo-Ann app, the Retail Me Not app.

What’s your experience?
This was my first time making any kind of wreath; what kind of wreaths have you made? Are there other seasonal wreaths that you see trending on social media?


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