How to Make a Flannel Christmas Ornament

Dear world,
I am here to tell you that I am one of those people who is ready to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween ends. My reasoning? Christmas is the best holiday to decorate for!
I saw these Christmas ornaments in a popular retail store for $8.00; I looked at my mom and said, “I can make that for much cheaper.” So I did.


What you need
Clear, plastic Christmas ornament
I found these for $0.98 at Walmart, but don’t look in the Christmas section. They were by the crafts.

I bought half of a yard of Christmas-color flannel for about $5.00 at Joann Fabric and Craft. I only used about an eighth of a yard for each ornament (of course that depends on the size of your ornament).

Mod Podge
I used Mod Podge to stick the fabric to the ornament. I already had this in my craft box being that it is the holy grail of craft box essentials.

I used twine to cover the silver top of the ornament and to hang it. I had this in my craft box as well.

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Gun
I used hot glue to keep the twine in place.

What you do
First, you cut the flannel into strips that are about an inch wide and long enough to wrap around your ornament (starting and ending at the top). The measurements don’t have to be perfect. Then, you take a few threads out of each side of your strips of flannel to give it a fringe-look.

Flannel Christmas Ornament              Flannel Christmas Ornament

Next, you place Mod Padge on the ornament where the strip of fabric will go – make sure you’re not using too much Mod Podge because it will seep through the flannel. Now, place your strip of flannel over the Mod Podge making sure there are no wrinkles. Repeat this until the whole ornament is covered.

Flannel Christmas Ornament              Flannel Christmas Ornament

Use hot glue to wrap the top of the ornament in twine. Make sure you use the hot glue sparingly so it doesn’t leak through (a pet peeve of mine). Lastly, use twine to hang your ornament.

Flannel Christmas OrnamentFlannel Christmas OrnamentFlannel Christmas Ornament

What you pay
I personally paid about $2.25 per ornament, but I already had many of the supplies in my craft box. If you decide to make these ornaments and don’t have any of the supplies, you won’t regret buying them. I use these items all the time.

What’s your experience?
Have you every made these ornaments? Or have you made other fun and festive decorations for your Christmas tree? Tell me about it!


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