About Jenna

Hi! I’m Jenna Francis and I am a public relations major in my last semester at Kent State University. When I’m not spending all my money at Hobby Lobby, I can be found in Kent, Ohio, obsessing over cute animals (my puppy), Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Harry Potter.

My family and friends are my life and I love doing nice things for them. Crafting is the perfect way to tell somebody that you’ve been thinking about them.


One thought on “About Jenna

  1. Loved your first post and the entire idea for your blog! I am in a sorority and all we do is craft, craft, craft! Arm knitting a blanket has always been something I have been earning to try but figured it would be too hard and time consuming. But you made it very clear and simple with the direct directions and i think that I am going to give it a try now. My grandma loves blankets so I think this will be the perfect gift for her for Christmas 🙂 I will let you know how it goes! Thank you for all your insight and I look forward into seeing all the fun crafts you share with us. XOXO


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